Welcome to Next Generation Lists – a unique, fresh and affordable solution to your GSA SER list needs!

With dozens of providers selling GSA SER Verified lists and even more people looking for good, high quality and high LPM lists, there’s an endless problem: lack of updates. Most sellers are selling their lists every 2-4 weeks to a big group of people. While the initial quality of the lists often enough is very high, the following problems occur:

Problem 1: The links built on the lists are a week+ old.

Problem 2: Hundreds of SER users hit the same 50-70k verifieds for weeks until a fresh listi s released.

Problem 3: The list gets shared on public forums within a couple of days. In worst case, even before you purchased it.

Since the lists are updated infrequently, the moment the sales start, the list is decreasing in value. Hundreds of people hit the same 50-70k URLs within the first days causing the targets to die for reasons such as exceeded bandwidth, sites shutting down, new (intelligent) anti spam filters once they get hit. If a site doesn’t get shut down, the initally good domain ends up being a linkwhore within days. Compare your results for a verified list that’s publically sold the day you purchased it and a week after.

The solution: frequently updated, fresh verified lists

With Next Generation Lists, you receive a (guaranteed) 30k verified list every 3-4 days. We guarantee at least 8 lists per month. By the time you see decreasing results from a list, a new list is ready to be hit again. Forget about bandwidth exceeded errors or sites having shut down due to heavy spam. With NGL you have a hands-off solution for your SER needs every 3-4 days.

For more informations, please see our FAQ section.