What’s the unique selling point and why should I buy your lists?

There’s no list provider who’s updating his verified lists as frequently as we do. Most providers update their lists monthly or (at best) bi-monthly. With NGL, you get a fresh verified list every couple of days. By the time others are building their lists, you can sit back and download your new list from the panel.

 Why are your lists more expensive than competing products?

In fact, they’re not. Most providers sell their lists between $30 and $50 for 40-70k URLs. With our subscription based pricing, you receive a guarantee of 8 lists with at least 30k verified links which results in a 240k list per month. Now do the maths.

Is every list unique to each other?

No it’s not. It’s impossible to provide such lists every 3-4 days that are unique to each other. We use 3 different scraping techniques including ‘traditional’ scraping by scrapebox / gscraper to generate our ‘raw’ lists and still aren’t able to create a completely unique list every 3-4 days.

While uniqueness is important, it’s even more important to have currently working lists. With these so called unique-to-each-other-lists (kindly check your purchased lists of different providers and compare them all to each other and tell me they’re completely unique) you’ll experience a lot of sites that aren’t alive anymore by the time you purchased the list. Or even worse, you might find out they aren’t that unique to each other as the seller advertises. While we are straight forward about the fact it’s impossible to create 100% unique lists, we guarantee you that the links on our lists have been built within (at worst) 3 days before you get the download link. The LPM/VPM you’ll get with our list makes up for duplicates.

Important: please note that a previously alive link that got removed may result in no engine matches by SER. We minimize this risk by consistently trying to find as many working targets as possible. The biggest advantage with NGL is that you’re getting fresh, working and fast lists combined with a hands-off approach. We’re confident that over the course of 2 weeks or a month, the total unique domains & URLs can compete with ANY other listseller.

How do you get the stats for each list?

We dedupe URLs and Domains by using SER.

Do you use all engines in SER for your lists?

No, we don’t use totally useless engines such as Exploit, Referrer, RSS or Indexer.

What do you use (in SER) to build the lists?

We use semi-dedicated proxies running at half the amount of proxies we have in threads (sample: 100 proxies, 50 threads). We use Captcha Breaker along with a OCR to create the contextual links, all other links are built with just CB.